How 'Bout That Ping Putter - Doc 17


Ping has since introduced a sister putter - Doc 15. The Doc 15 is a slightly smaller version to the original Doc 17 made from high-grade aluminium. Part of Ping's Udrainium series, the Doc 17 designation means 17cm and likewise the Doc 15 is 15cm. The 17 debuted in Spring 2004 and the 15 in Fall 2004.

Part of the Udrainium Line

Ping Putter - Doc 17 The Udrainium line's unique shape is designed for enhanced performance. There are five different Docs available:

  • Doc17
  • Doc15
  • Doc15 B ("belly" putter)
  • Doc15 C (center-shafted)
  • Doc15 L (long putter - 48")

Construction and Options

These over-sized putters are machined from high-grade aluminum and have a design that utilizes perimeter weighting. The semicircle shape positions most of the weight on the perimeter and away from the center of gravity. This creates a high moment of inertia (MOI) which is intended to get the ball rolling sooner after impact. In fact, they have the highest (MOI) of any Ping putters and a low center of gravity. The sole design keeps weight low and is contoured to provide enhanced balance and feel.

As with all Ping putters, the Doc 15 and 17 are designed to be fit for your particular stroke. You can have one manufactured to your desired length and with lie angles ranging from 2° upright to 2° flat (except long putters, which are required by The Rules of Golf to have a 10° lie angle).

The Looks

Ther Doc 15 and Doc 17 clearly stand out. The Docs are over 7.5cm deep. The 15cm and 17cm measurements are a departure from Ping's otherputters, which measure 10cm to 11.5cm wide from heel to toe.

They have a semicircle back bar and three spokes. There is a top centering line and along with the internal cavities, the Docs are designed to easily align the putter with the target line. A black and green Winn grip is standard on both models. Suggested retail price is $220 for original and center-shafted and $260 for belly and long.

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The Doc Knock-off

There is a putter called the Technica DX-470. Like the Docs, it had three spokes but also sports a 3-ball alignment system. Instead of aluminum, the DX-470 is made of stainless steel. And instead of $220 it's only $39. What a deal!

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