The Diamond-Technology PureSpin Putter Gives You Full Control


There are the two key fundamentals to putting: Feel and accuracy. The better you can feel the ball as you putt, the better you can control its distance and speed. The PureSpin putter was designed with the intention of achieving consistent accuracy, by allowing the golfer to have the ability to apply the proper rotation or spin to the ball. The manufacturer's claim is that the PureSpin putter enables the ball to hold its line and keep "tracking" toward the cup.

Ever since the USGA began permitting face inserts in putters, the tendency has been to use soft materials that dampen the feel of the ball. PureSpin's research has taken their manufacturing in a alternate direction. Engineers have found that the harder a putter face is, the more it transmits feel to the golfer. Hence, the diamond-crystal insert.

Purespin putter In addition to greater feel, the unique quality of PureSpin's crystal diamond insert improves putting accuracy. It creates a better grip or "bite" on the ball at impact, imparting the proper slide or spin required to keep the ball on its intended line. Proper spin also reduces golf ball "skidding" and "hopping," which are the major cause of missed putts.

PureSpin is the first company to take advantage of the special properties of diamonds and use them in golf club manufacturing. Diamonds have been used for a variety of industrial processes for decades. Now they have engineered a new technology for making use of industrial diamonds in the design of golf clubs.

U.S. Diamond Wheel, a world leader in the technology of diamond use in tools, formulated the diamond crystal coating method used by PureSpin. The diamond crystals are then set in a polymer insert which helps produce an accurate spin. Also, the putters are cast-milled which allows for very close tolerances.

There are several options in offset and hosel designs to assure you have the best choice for your individual putting style. The putters have heel-to-toe weighting allowing for better stability and balance as well as employing a four-way cambered sole for minimized draft.

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