Progressive Irons Golf Clubs Explained


Let's clear up the confusion when talking about progressive irons golf clubs. Progressive can refer to camber, face thickness, cavity, weighting, offset (off-set hosel positions), and length. Add in Nike's Progressive notch weighting and Wilson's Progressive Technology and things really get confusing regarding progressive irons golf clubs.

  • Camber - The radius measurement of the sole of a club. A sole can be cambered from toe to heel, or from front to back, or both.
  • Face Thickness - Related to cavity and weighting. Logically, the thicker the face, the shallower the cavity and the greater the weighting.
  • Cavity - An iron head with the weight distributed toward the perimeter of the head. Cavity back irons are easily identified by their recessed area on the back of the head.
  • Weighting - This involves placing a heavier material, such as copper or tungsten, in the sole of lower-lofted irons. This helps lower the center of gravity and get the ball in the air. Progressive weighting is generally eliminated in the shorter irons to help produce a lower, flatter trajectory. Progressive weighting is where the head design is such that weight positioning shifts from one club to the next. For example, a #1 iron may have more weight concentrated on its toe, a #2 iron slightly less, and so on. Also called Flow weighting.
  • Offset - The distance from the forward most point of the hosel to the leading edge of the blade. Offset will help a player to align the club face with the target, reducing a slice, and may produce higher ball flight. So, progressive offset are iron sets with longer irons having more offset and shorter irons having less.
  • Length - Standard golf clubs are designed using progressive 1/2” length increments between each of the irons and fairway woods within a set.
The following are some of the brands that offer products that have some variation of "progressive irons golf clubs":
  • progressive ironsDynacraft
  • Tour Edge JMAX
  • KZG
  • Tour Plus
  • Nicklaus
  • Apex Edge
  • Nike
  • Titleist
  • Tommy Armour
  • Iron Max

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