Are the High Prices For PING Putters Worth It?

When it comes to choosing a putter, there seems to be as many choices in clubs as blades of grass on your average green. There are blade putters and mallet putters. Putters that seek to minimize striking errors. Putters that feature emphasized visual guides. Conventional putters and belly putters. Like any product, the more you pay, the better the product. Putters from PING Golf are considered among the best, but given the high prices for PING putters, some golfers may be unwilling to pay the price for this potential increased performance.

The prices for PING putters can range from wholesalers who charge $75 to custom-fitted models reaching as high as $300. Golfers praise the weight balance of PING putters, which is a key factor in how well a putter can be controlled during a stroke. Distance control is another element cited by golfers as to why they like PING putters.

PING putters can be purchased from your local golf retailer or wholesaler, and good deal on both used and new PING putters can be found from individual sellers as well as e-commerce golf websites. Buying a PING putter from one of these sources should be fine for the casual golfer, but a serious player intent on shaving strokes off his or her putting game might want to consider having a certified professional custom-fit a PING putter to meet his or her needs. If this interests you, consider contacting PING Golf or your local golf pro or golf retailer to find a PING certified fitter near you. Find a PING retailer here...

Here are descriptions of PING Golf’s line of putters.

CrazE. The CrazE putter is PING’s newest putter line. Its unique geometric head shape looks different than a standard mallet putter, but the unusual appearance also means better inertia and easy alignment of putts.

Doc. The Doc putter is another of PING’s newer models. It has a half-moon shaped head that’s designed to give the golfer a truer roll through a low center of gravity that reduces the opportunity for the ball to lose traction and skid.

G2 Series. PING’s stainless-steel putter model is one of its most popular lines.

G2i Series. This newer version of the G2 Series increases perimeter weighting in the head and provides a lower center of gravity than the G2 Series.

JAS Series. A titanium shaft and a tungsten-weighted head make this a popular club series for serious golfers.

Specify Series. Like the name implies, PING’s Specify Series are custom-fitted putter models with the customer choosing the features he or she wants.

The price for PING putters may be higher than average, but many PING putter aficionados feel their results are higher than average, as well.

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