The Ping CrazE Putter - Built For You


It looks like an over-sized belt buckle on a stick. The Ping putter CrazE has geometric elements for easy alignment and increased inertia and a blue full-face insert made of urethane that provides a soft, responsive feel. And as with any PING putter, the CrazE is designed to be fit for your putting stroke. It quickly gained status as the fastest-growing putter in the U.S. not long after it came out. There are four new models - a model for golfers of all putting stroke types.

  • ping craz e putterB ("belly" putter)
  • L (Long putter)
  • C (Center-shafted)
  • H (Anser-style hosel)

The head employs two crescent shapes bisected by a long sight line. This contrasts with the deep sky blue urethane inserts and forms what Ping calls the "Optigraphic Effect." It's an aid that allows the golfer to more accurately square up to the ball and swing on the desired target line. The head has been designed with a very low center of gravity. This helps get the ball rolling sooner and straighter for more consistent putts. The strategic weight placement near the heel, toe and rear of the putter creates an extremely high MOI (moment of inertia) for increased accuracy and consistency.

The Ping CrazE putter can be built to your preferred length, loft and lie angle. Lie angles range from 2 degrees upright to 2 degrees flat (except the CrazE L [long], which is only available with a 10-degree lie angle). You can choose from a wide variety of grips. The preferred Winn AVS grip is standard.

Go to Ping You can start the fitting process, which assigns a putter color code. Then print your results and take them to a certified PING fitter to complete the fitting process.

Fortunately there are a few Ping CrazE reviews on the Web. There are several on this page.

The Model C is reviewed here.

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