Improve Your Game With PING Custom Made
Golf Clubs

When you started golfing, perhaps you first used an old set from your uncle or a friend. While learning the game, these old standbys were just the ticket. But once you decide to step up your game, an effective way to shave some strokes off your scorecard is to buy fitted clubs, such as PING custom made golf clubs. PING Golf has long been a leading golf equipment manufacturer, and a set of PING custom made golf clubs can go a long way toward giving you the tools you need to improve your game.

That’s because fitted golf clubs are like a tailored suit: an off-the-rack version can adequately do the job, but one that perfectly fits your body looks and feels much better. PING has long been a leader in custom (sometimes called “fitted”) golf clubs. In fact, PING, which has been in business since 1951, was considered the leading company in custom fitting by half of all golfers who participated in a Golf Datatech Club Fitting survey with the second-place brand earning the vote of confidence of just more than 1 in 10 golfers.

ping putter Golfers cite few negatives with PING custom made golf clubs other than their premium prices, which is no surprise given that their quality is good enough to be clubs of choice by many leading PGA touring professionals.

Golfers have said they appreciate the appearance and the feel of their PING clubs, complimenting the comfort they have when gripping a PING club. Many golfers think the club has excellent weighting from heel to toe, which makes the club comfortable to handle and swing. In addition, golfers have praised the clubs’ oversized sweet spots and the forgiving nature of clubs even when a ball is poorly struck. On the negative side, some golfers have been concerned that the clubs’ grips and a perceived lack of control on long drives made with irons.

PING Golf’s business depends heavily upon their club-fitting services. The company reports about 5,000 certified club fitters worldwide, with about 3,600 working in the United States. Golfers can even visit PING Golf’s worldwide headquarters in Phoenix to both tour its production factory and get an on-site custom fitting of their clubs. If a trip to Phoenix is not in your plans, you can always contact PING Golf or your local golf pro or golf retailer to find a PING certified fitter near you.

Custom fitted clubs, despite their prices, may be just what you need to take your golf game to the next level. Visit PING here...

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