The PING CrazE Putter Reviews Are In

The PING CrazE putter reviews are in, and golfers seem to like the unusually shaped club, the latest putter offering from PING Golf. This new putter has been attracting the attention of both weekend golfers and professionals alike because of its eye-catching head design. The head is shaped like a blade putter with a geometric D attached to its backside. A urethane insert with a blue-and-white face juts from the middle of the blade and serves as a visual guide—which PING calls an “optigraphic effect”—during a stroke. The writer of one PING CrazE putter review has said that the head design reminded him of a “spaceship.”

ping craz e putter The unique head has advantages and disadvantages, according to more than one CrazE putter review. Many golfers praise the putter’s feel and for improving their ability to line up putts of all lengths. They also credit its reliable grips and large sweet spot. Some putter users say the benefits provided by the putter’s radical design come only after a period of adjustment. Because the head is so different than what golfers are used to, the putter can be distracting to the eye and can be difficult to adjust to. Once the adjustments are made, however, golfers have said the CrazE has improved their putting game.

Golfers have flocked to PING Golf’s latest putter offering. One recent industry survey indicates that the CrazE putter is the most popular new putter on the retail market. Professional golfers are taking to the putter, and Mark James won the Ford Senior Championship, (a major tournament on the Champions Tour) with his CrazE putter in hand. Ping Golf offers five models: mid-length, long, center-shafted, and Anser-style hosel.

The head design of the putter features an extremely low center of gravity that helps the golfer get a true strike on the ball. This gets the ball to grip the green sooner and roll truer after contact. PING Golf also touts the putter’s head weight placement as a marked improvement in the inertia that’s vital to a good putter in producing excellent accuracy and consistency from stroke to stroke.

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Like all clubs from PING Golf, you can have the CrazE putter designed to fit your body and putting strokes. The putter can be customized to your preferred shaft length, loft, lie angle, and putter grips. If this interests you, consider contacting PING Golf or your local golf pro or golf retailer to find the nearest PING certified fitter. To find a retailer near you PING's website.

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