The Search for the
Perfect Golf Swing

Is the perfect golf swing possible, or is it the proverbial carrot dangling in front of the horse, something you constantly chase but never catch?

Either way, there’s been millions of dollars spent on lessons, swing trainers, videos and other aids trying to find out. Websites and golf clinics claim that their instruction will give you a perfect golf swing. Almost every tour professional, however, has something unique about their swing. No two are alike.

But while differing on the best way to find the perfect swing, or if it's even possible, most experts agree on several basic points about what it looks like.

It starts with the right stance. As instructors will tell you, it takes no athletic ability to get in the proper position. But what is that? Again it depends. First, bend slightly at the hips, with your arms hanging down, not out. Then, bend your knees so that your weight is balanced through your feet. Your weight shouldn’t be on your toes or your heels. Adjust your distance from the ball until your club face is directly behind the ball and make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart.

Now that you’re set up correctly, it’s time to hit the ball. Swing the club back smoothly and not too fast. Don’t lose your balance and make sure your weight is still distributed evenly on your back foot. Keep the bend in your back leg throughout the entire backswing, keeping your posture. Don’t stand straight up! Turn your shoulders smoothly until your front shoulder is behind the ball.

Now you’re ready for the downswing. This involves three phases: shift, rotate and hit. The first part, the shift, begins with the knees turning toward the ball, followed by the hips. The right shoulder should dip slightly, followed by your body rotating toward the ball. Remember, you don’t swing your arms, you let them fall and your body swings the club through the ball. If you kept your posture throughout, the club face should squarely strike the ball.

Then there’s the finish, which should be high. Beginners usually finish low, causing topped shots and making it difficult to get the ball airborne. The clubface needs to stay square for several inches after impact to create proper flight on the ball. With a good finish your right knee should face the target, right foot up so all spikes are visible, and hands high close to your left ear. In technical golf speak, a perfect golf swing is one in which the clubhead travels slightly from inside the target line on the downswing, to along the target line, and then back again to the inside.

Now, do all that without thinking about it and you have the perfect swing.

There’s one person that can hit a perfect swing every time. “Iron Byron” is a machine constructed by George Manning. The machine has been used by golf club companies because it hits the sweet spot every time.

For the rest of us, however. The search for the mythical perfect swing will be a life-long journey.

Easy? No, of course not. But if it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun.

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