Odyssey Putters


Odyssey Putters, made by Callaway, are available in many different models that are divided into several groups.

White Steel - The White Steel insert is actually a modified White Hot urethane insert set in a stainless steel milled insert that ensures a flat surface for accuracy.

odyssey dual force putter Dual Force - This is the putter that started the insert craze. The Dual Force's Stronomic insert creates and provides straighter rolls.

2-Ball - This model gets its name from the unique 2-Ball alignment system that helps you visualize a straight line to the target. The two alignment discs are almost the size of a golf ball, so it's easy to visualize the correct path of the putter and ball to the hole. It's a good choice for beginners and pros alike.

Even top golfers occasionally have difficulty seeing the path - the 2-Ball putter makes it much less likely that a player will make an alignment mistake. Once the golfer can see better, there is a direct connection to improved confidence.

The many 2-Ball models feature three different face inserts. The DFX insert, the White Hot insert, and the White Steel insert.

DFX - New Stronomic technology gives the DFX series consistent performance with a slightly firmer feel than White Hot. There are currently five models of the DFX - 1100, 3300, 5500, 6600, and 9900.

Trihot - This unique design is intended to get your putts rolling more smoothly for accurate distance control. The proprietary tungsten weighting system moves mass away from the face - which eliminates excess backspin and bouncing.

odyssey white hot putter White Hot - These models have a proprietary insert which gives golfers a prcise touch with a softer feel. The White Hot Insert gives softness without giving up resiliency, resulting in consistent distance control. This is the putter that had the most major tour wins in 2003.


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