Nike CPR Golf Irons

Nike CPR golf irons are a relatively new development. They are considered hybrids.

Hybrids Explained

A hybrid is a club that is designed to combine the best characteristics of an iron and a wood. Hybrids look like a cross between a wood and an iron and are designated in degrees of loft. A golfer should be able to hit a hybrid higher, more firmly, and farther than an iron with the same loft.

nike cpr golf iron They tend to have shorter shafts than woods with the same loft. This makes them easier to control and consequently more accurate, as an iron would. Even the pros are beginning to use hybrids. They are also referred to as rescue clubs, utility clubs, or iron-replacement clubs.

Hybrids are an easy-to-hit alternative to the low-lofted irons that can be difficult for any golfer. Hybrid clubs appeared on the market in 2000 and in 2002, still accounted for only a small percentage sold. By January 2004 that figure had more than tripled and a big part of that was due to the Nike CPR.

Nike Hybrids

Nike has addressed the question of multi-purpose use with its CPR hybrid, which is available in two versions. The "scoop" wood has a shorter shaft and is designed to hit from the fairway and the iron-wood version has a longer shaft and is better suited for tee shots.

The Theory

The theory behind the CPR clubs is rather basic. If the weight is positioned in areas that allow straighter golf shots, that will keep golfers out of trouble and make difficult shots easy to play. The CPR Mixed Set replaces the normally hard to hit 3 and 4 irons with easy to hit 22° and 26° scoop woods.

CPR irons are easier to hit than conventional long irons and the wedges have a two-level sole design that provides shot-making options and improved performance whether you are playing from the rough, the sand, or the fairway. They also have a cavity back design on their wedges which promotes lift. Rock the sole back to use the maximum width of the sole for sand shots and deep rough. Rock the sole forward to be on the higher level for tight lies.


The Nike Golf CPR Irons feature a compact head for players who prefer a low profile, mid-size head. This design places weight low and directly behind the ball. The shafts are available in graphite. Shaft length is comparable to a conventional fairway wood.

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