Improve Your Feel and Accuracy With a Never Comprimise Gray Zone Putter


When you are lining up a crucial putt in a tournament or want to sink a long one with your weekend foursome, you want an easy-to-control putter with a comfortable, soft feel in your hands and visual guide that lets you know your aim is true. These are the qualities that make the Never Comprimise Gray Zone Putter one of the most popular choices for both amateurs and touring pros who are serious about shaving strokes off their game. The Never Comprimise Gray Zone Putter’s black and gray visual guides give you confidence when lining up even the most difficult putts. Plus, head construction features the state-of-the-art TransMatter II insert, an aircraft aluminum that gives you remarkable distance without sacrificing control.

The high degree of putter control comes from its Winn grip as well as a club head with perfectly distributed weight and a stainless steel shaft, allowing for a true stroke that will improve your putt accuracy. The strength of the Never Comprimise Gray Zone Putter is its accuracy at great lengths, and golfers who have made the switch to this putter rave about how it has improved their long putting game, even on putts from light rough.

Even the sound this putter emits when making contact with the ball can serve as a guide to whether the ball was hit with the head’s sweet spot. A distinctive click is made when a putt is hit true, a slight difference in pitch from a ball that is struck inaccurately. Even in these situations, this putter is still very forgiving, putting the ball near the pin on most occasions.

Here is what Vikash Sanyal, the owner of the company that makes these putters, once said about his revolutionary putter. “(Our) ...putters are unique, because of its patented three-piece technology. The entire midsection of the putter head is made of an ultra-light polymer composite and makes up only 10 percent of the club’s weight. Ninety percent of the weight is in the heel and toe of the putter, giving it more accuracy, forgiveness and distance control."

The putter comes in two versions: as a belly putter with a semicircle head and a traditional rectangular head with a modern plumber’s neck. The putter also comes in five models (GZ1, GZ2, GZ3, GZ5, GZ6) with two versions (GZ2 and GZ5) also available for lefties.

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