Knock Off Golf Driver

A knock off golf driver (also known as a "clone") would be a golf club with a design similar to a well-advertised name brand.


Head - While many of the same foundries that make heads for name-brand clubs also make heads for knock offs. That doesn't necessarily mean the knock offs are the same - they could be made to different (less-strict) specifications. Most metal woods are made of 17-4 stainless steel, or 6AL4V titanium. Knockoff heads account for more than half the heads imported into the U.S. The majority come from Asia, where most clubheads — real and clones — are made.

Shaft - To know if you're getting a good-qaulity shaft, it should be made by one of the following: Apollo and True Temper for steel shafts, and Harrison, Apollo, UST, and Rapport for graphite shafts.

Grip - Even some of the expensive name brand clubs are fitted with low quality, low cost grips. Usually, the more rubber in a grip, the better the quality. Some of the grips used by some of the major brands are quite inadequate. Don't underestimate the importance of a good quality grip. It's what transmits the feel of the club, hence it's importance.

"You get what you pay for" is true to an extent. You also have to consider that brand names have to make a profit too and independent studies have shown that 65%-75% of the retail cost of a name brand set of clubs is the cost of the advertising and the development of the brand name recognition.

There are many cases where golfers did not get what they thought they ordered when purchasing knock offs. The clones often come with different shaft lengths than ordered and the wrong loft. Lofts frequently test different than they're stamped.

Knockoff drivers produced a much wider dispersion for off-center hits. Name brand manufacturers have specific design guidelines to follow with respect to head balance weight. Knockoff makers are usually concerned with only the aesthetics, so their products may have an odd center of gravity. The clones have tested to drive noticably shorter, too - an indication of poor balance and/or poor shaft quality.

If you're looking for a knock off golf driver, shop carefully and follow the tips above. In our research, one discount golf club dealer seemed to stand out above the rest. Golf Clubs Fore Less promises the best quality clubs for the price and offers a money back guarantee. This is not an endorsement for this retailer, but they claim to have outstanding customer service and the also have a toll-free number and a real ("bricks and mortar") store.

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