Is Your Golf Game Perfect?

I once played in a medal, and I was off a 5 handicap at the time and on the first two holes I made double bogey. It was a real test of resolve to keep on track and not go on to make a high number.

I remember questioning myself about all aspects of my game, what was wrong with my swing, what about my alignment, perhaps it's the clubs or a defective ball... Have you found when things aren't going right that there is always something or someone else to blame.

I finished this particular round 7 or 8 over par and was not at all pleased with the way I played. I was concentrating on all the bad shots that I had played and I never paid any attention to the successful ball strikes I had made.

I got back into the clubhouse and there were many higher handicappers talking about the great shot they had made and they were feeling great. Their own scores were around the high 90's. It was an event that I never forgot, and as we all know, many golfers are only a few stokes away from beating themselves up.

But when we forget the bad and focus on the good, everything will seem to fall into place.

Have you have noticed that the better you become at this grand game the more difficult it becomes. When you first start out you play lots of poor shots and you take great delight when you play a 'proper' golf shot. When you become a more refined player you expect to play great golf all the time - and then you only remember the bad shots.

To deal with this problem I used to say to myself that I would always have eight or ten bad shots in a round and to just accept that's the way it's going to be. When the ten bad shots didn't materialize I felt very much better.

While golf is a physical game, a significant part of it is very much played in the mind. A lot of golfers expect to play perfect golf and I used to be one of them. Perfect golf doesn't really exist... everyone has their own interpretation of what perfect is.

The best advice is to find out what you do well at the game, build on that, and always remind yourself how good you are. Put the bad shots out of your mind, even if you have shot 102 and remember the good shot you hit that day that the pros would've been pleased with. If you struggle to find a shot that the pros would be happy with, assuming you finished your round, then you would have made 18 putts that all went in... and they would all be happy with them.

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