Golf Tips for Beginners

Getting started in golf can be an intimidating and expensive exercise, but there’s some proven golf tips for beginners that can ease the anxiety.

To get started, you’re going to need some clubs. Here’s the first two tips for a beginner: shop around and know yourself. If you’re the kind of person who has a garage full of equipment left over from hobbies that didn’t take, you might want to look into getting used golf clubs. They’ll be less expensive and easier to upgrade to in the future – if you stick with it.

golf swing If you’re ready to jump in and get a quality set of clubs, comparison shop. Yes, you can buy clubs like the pros for several thousand dollars, but chances are you can get a good beginner set of clubs for around $200. Use the internet to find different prices at different stores. Some suggest getting properly fitted for a set of clubs. That’s a good idea if you don’t mind the extra expense and time, but a standard set of clubs are made for men about 5'10". If you’re considerably taller or shorter, a fitting – which every golf shop should offer – might be a good idea.

Now that you have you’re clubs you’re ready to give it a go. First, though, there’s some good tips for beginners before you step on the course, A.K.A. etiquette. Here’s just a few:

  • Safety first: Don’t swing your club if there’s anyone around and stand clear of others when they’re practicing. Also, make sure the group ahead of you is out of range and if you’re ball is heading toward someone, yell “Fore”.
  • Don’t lollygag: Keep pace with the others in your group and group ahead of you. Be prepared when it’s your turn.
  • Watch where you’re driving the cart: A good rule of thumb is don’t take the carts off the path. Always avoid driving anywhere near the greens and hazards.
  • Shhhhh: Remember to keep quiet when others are swinging.
Also before you play, know the rules. It might seem simple, but golf has numerous, sometimes confusing rules concerning how to play certain shots, penalty strokes, etc. Know the basics before you get out there.

As far as getting out there and seeing what you can do, the driving range is the best place to start. A round of golf will drive you – and others – crazy if you pick that for your first try. Don’t worry about looking bad at the driving range. As bad as you think you might be, there are worse golfers out there.

A good course to start with is a Par 3 course, usually a nine-hole course with shorter distances. Also, people playing a Par 3 course are generally more relaxed.

If you decide to tackle a regular 18-hole course, ask around for a course with wide-open spaces and few hazards.

As far the best way to get better. Well, you can probably fill a library with books and videos that claim to teach and improve your game. Many recommend professional lessons as the most efficient way to improve. But, as always, ask around, and, the No. 1 tip for beginners, be patient!

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