Golf Swing Training Equipment

If you're looking for golf swing training equipment, you're going to find a lot of choices. From a laser trainer that enables you to improve golf swing by allowing you to see your swing to an intelligent club that tells you what you need to work on. We'll explain what's available and point you to some reviews.

Inside approach - The Sports Authority
FogDog - The Inside Approach was developed to give golfers a clear visual understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the most critical point of the swing - the impact zone. To hit solid, accurate shots, the clubface must be square at impact and the club must be approaching the ball from an "inside" path. The Inside Approach's design gives golfers immediate feedback on whether or not they have accomplished this task.

Smart Swing - SmartSwing Intelligent Clubs are powered by sophisticated circuitry inserted into the shaft of virtually any golf club, allowing for the capture and recording of critical swing information in real time. After a round of play or practice session, wirelessly download swings from your club to the SmartSwing Software for detailed analysis and accelerated learning.

SmartSwing is intended to help you improve rapidly by following a structured regimen that focuses on swinging on plane, then building your distance, and finally, achieving consistency. Compare your swing to a known good swing to easily see what you're doing wrong and learn how to become consistent over time. Read the review here.

The PowerStik - The PowerStik is a weighted swing trainer that features a standard steel golf shaft with a weight in place of the head. It is intended to increase a golfer's flexibility and strength, which can lead to greater swing speed and more distance. Also, to increase the golfer's awareness of the clubhead in the swing, which can lead to greater accuracy. Read the review here.

Plane Trainer - Allows you to swing the club on the projected path without mechanical thoughts and helps you to maintain spine angle through impact.

It is red and white pvc pipe construction and has several moving parts. The golfer sets up with her or his ball placed in front of an arm that stands upright. Next to that is a slightly longer arm that is tilted at an angle to represent the swing plane. The concept is to hit the smaller arm with the backswing, knocking it over, while avoiding the larger arm. As long as you do both you'll know you're using the proper plane on the backswing without getting inside. Read the review here.

PerfectStroke - The PerfectStroke golf training aid was originally developed to help to clearly explain how the swing path worked during the putting stroke and to help people practice and get the feel for correct path. It's a device that has a metal rod to serve as guide for the stroke with the putter resting on either side of it. It also has a rail that keeps the shaft parallel to the line. PerfectStroke helps golfers improve swing path, face angle, and centering the ball on the face of the club. Read the review here.

divot matDivotMat - The Sports Authority
FogDog - You place the DivotMat on a soft surface such as a driving mat or carpet and attach an image sheet to the adhesive strip. Take your iron, address one of the ball images and swing away. The rubber base absorbs the force of your swing while the image sheet records exactly how and where you are striking the ball. Once you know what you are doing wrong, it's easy to make the corrections for better ball contact and improve your game.

Right Grip Golf Gloves - This device is quite simple. They're gloves. They're designed to correctly position both of your hands on the club. Just put on the gloves and hit golf balls. The company's claim is you'll feel the right amount of grip pressure and hit longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots. They also offer a money-back guarantee. Read the review here.

Golf Club Swing Speed Radar - The Swing Speed Radar from Sports Sensors determines your optimum swing for your best distance, control, and accuracy. By using Doppler Radar technology through a simple one button control, you'll get accurate readings instantly through the large, easy-to-read LCD display. Rugged, compact design makes it convenient to carry and use on the driving range, during practice rounds, or in your backyard.

Putting Peg and Putting Pod - These two devices are putting aids marketed by Fuzzy Zoeller's company. The Putting Pod is for indoor use and the Putting Peg is made to be used on a putting green. When the ball hits either device, you hear the sound of a ball falling into the cup.

Golf instructors teach students to make short putts. The theory is the psychology of the practice of making putts instead of missing longer attempts. And the sound of the ball falling into the cup is more positive feedback. Read the review here.

AlmostGolf Practice Balls - These balls are made of a special type of foam that give a softer feel than a real golf ball. They are the same size as real golf balls, but about 1/3 the weight. The will travel about 40% the distance of the real thing. The decreased distance and softness of the AlmostGolf Balls allows you to practice in more places than before and with little chance of damaging anything. Read the review here.

Stroke-Pro Practice Putter - It looks like a horseshoe on a stick. There is nothing where the center of the club head should be. There is just enough room to miss the ball, which is the idea. It's a simple concept - if you can stroke with this swing aid and miss the ball, it means your putter is centered and square on the ball. This is one silly-looking piece of golf swing training equipment. Read the review here.

Zen Oracle Tour - This is the only golf putter training device that's also a USGA conforming championship putter. It's guaranteed to improve your putting or your money back.

The putter has four main functions:

  • Builds correct stance and swing tempo.
  • Builds a professional putting release action.
  • Develops tempo and feel to train a repeatable takeaway, impact and follow thru for every putt.
  • Improves acceleration through impact and provides immediate feedback on putting accuracy.
The complete Zen Oracle Tour package includes: Putter, Head cover, Training video, Quick guide, and manual. Read the review here.

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