Tips for Finding Golf
Swing Instruction

The kinks in your swing aren’t going away, your buddy’s tips don’t make sense and the video and books you bought aren’t helping either.

For many, the best and surest way of improving their golf game is through professional golf swing instruction. Yes, there are a few fortunate souls born with a natural golf swing. But look at it this way, Tiger Woods and other professionals have swing coaches. So if they can benefit from swing instruction, chances are pretty good you can, too.

golf swing The benefits of golf swing instruction are many. The most obvious is instant feedback. More importantly, the right kind of feedback. If there’s a problem with your swing it’s almost always more than just one little thing. A good instructor can identify the problem and instantly tell you what’s wrong.

In looking for the right instructor, take a look at his resume. Remember, you’re paying him, which means you deserve to be as picky as you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for names of other people he’s given lessons to. In fact, the best way to see how an instructor works is to see him work. Ask your potential instructor if you can observe him giving a lesson. Qualified instructors should have no problem with the request.

A few other quick tips:

  • Make sure your instructor focuses on the fundamentals, not quick fixes. A quick fix won’t last as long as learning to swing the right way. It might take several months, but it’ll be worth it.
  • An instructor should concentrate on a few basic concepts. If they give you 10 things to work on, it’s too much.
  • In addition, make sure your personalities are a good fit, too, since you’re going to be working with someone one-on-one for hours.
The most qualified pros are certified PGA, or LPGA, professionals. According to, pros must complete “multi-year series of work, study and training in every aspect of golf.” They also must pass a Playing Aptitude Test, qualifying them to teach golf.

Simply put, if you go to a PGA pro, he or she has paid their dues and you can be sure of their qualifications.

But if you’re going to get quality, experienced, one-on-one instruction, expect to pay for it. Prices for golf lessons vary widely. But an hour lesson can cost up to $100 or more. Usually, there’s a discount for a package of lessons or lessons over a period of time. Also, group lessons are usually less expensive, and can be more enjoyable and less stress for a beginner.

Yes, it costs money. But think of how much some golfers spend on videos, books and swing trainers. Think of the amount of time spent at a driving range working on a problem that you don’t really know how to fix and going in several different wrong directions trying to fix that problem. For many, professional instruction is the most efficient and best way to enjoy golf.

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