Thanks to Technology, Golf Swing Analysis is
Possible for Anyone

With the advent of the internet, home computers and camcorders, golf swing analysis has become easier and more financially viable training tool for many.

Think about it. Some 25 years ago, lugging one of those full-sized video recorders out to the driving range just wouldn’t be practical.

Now, you set up a tripod, pop in a small cassette and you can watch your swing at home. For the more advanced, you can record your swing on a DVD and watch it on your computer’s hard drive.

golf swing Either way, the essence of golf swing analysis is the same. By recording your swing, golfers are able to slow down the motion and pinpoint what they’re doing wrong. It’s one thing if you’re told that you’re picking up your head to soon. It’s another to see it with your own eyes.

One segment of the golfing community that has happily embraced technology is the golf instructor. Video analysis is an integral part of many instructors. In fact, it’s hard to find an instructor who doesn’t use video equipment. It’s a way to take your lesson home for future reference.

Just look at the internet to see how popular swing analysis has become. is one of several sites that will analyze your swing for you, without ever standing next to you. After recording yourself from different positions, send the video off to, and their experts analyze your swing for you. They will then set up a personal web page with the results for your reference.

That’s only the start of the technological advances in swing analysis.

The Jim McLean golf school offers a 3-D analysis complete with computer model of your swing. Your swings are then burned on a CD that you can view on your computer at home.

The golf school also offers an three-day of 3-D swing analysis lessons, which covers driving, pitching and putting analysis.

Of course, the higher technology means a higher price. A full swing analysis is $195 for one hour, and the three-day school costs $2,395.

Those who are computer savvy can do their own swing analysis at home. There are programs available for home computer which analyze an uploaded video of your own swing. These can start as low as $89. More in depth, larger home programs are available in the $2,000 range.

Of course, golf isn’t the only sport using this technology. Baseball players looking to work on their swing, and even bowlers analyzing their release.

So, if you have the money and the tech skills, you don’t have to rely on someone telling you what you’re doing wrong. Just sit back and watch the tape for yourself.

NOTE: For fun, has online video analysis of the world’s top golfers. Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods has the closest match the computer’s perfect swing model.

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