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U, V, W

underclub - To use one or more clubs under what a golfer should for a given distance.

underspin - The action of the ball when struck low and/or with a high-lofted club.

unplayable - When a player determines a ball cannot be played and takes a penalty stroke.

up - 1) The player ahead in a match. 2) The next person in line to play.

up and down - To sink the ball in the hole with two strokes from off the green.

uphill lie - When the ball lies on higher ground than the player.

upright - Lifting the club in a high arc above the player's head.

waggle - Movement of the clubhead about the ball before swinging.

water hazard - Any body of water on the course.

wedge - A lofted club used for pitching.

whiff - A swing that completely misses the ball.

wood - A long-shafted club with a large, deep head used for long drives. So called because the used to be made of wood.

wrist cock - The position of the wrists on the backswing.

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