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takeaway - The first part of the backswing.

target line – an imaginary line from the ball to the hole.

tee - 1) The wooden or plastic device placed in the ground that the ball rests on. 2) The area of where the ball is first hit.

tee up - To start play.

thick lie – When the ball lands nestled down in the rough.

thin - When the ball is struck above the center.

three putt - To take three strokes on the green to sink the ball.

threesome - Three golfers playing together.

throughswing - The part of the swing when contact is made with the ball.

through the green - The entire course except the tee, green, and hazards of any given hole.

tight lie – When the ball rests directly on the ground.

toe – The part of the clubhead opposite the shaft.

top - When the ball is struck at a point high enough that it travels only a short distance.

topspin – When the club strikes a ball high and imparts a forward spin.

torque – The ability of the shaft to resist twisting.

trajectory - The flight path of the ball.

triple bogey - A score of three over par on a given hole.

turn - The rotation of the body during the backswing.

two putt - To take two strokes on the green to sink the ball.

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