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sand wedge - The highest-lofted iron, used for hitting out of sand bunkers.

scratch - A handicap of zero.

second cut - The higher level of grass; farthest from the fairway.

set - The full set of 14 clubs.

set up - Same as address - The position assumed by the player in preparing to make her or his swing.

shank - When the ball is struck with the hosel.

shooting the lights out - To play quite well.

short game - The shots of chipping, putting, and chipping.

sidehill lie - When the ball lies higher or lower than the golfer's feet.

sink - To putt the ball into the hole.

slice - A shot that curves from the left to the right.

sky - A high, short shot due to the ball being hit with the top of the face.

sleeve of balls - A box of three golf balls.

snap hook - A very pronounced hook.

sole - The bottom of the clubhead.

spot putting - Shooting for a point on the green over which the ball must pass if it is to make it to the hole.

square - When the body is aligned perpendicular to the target.

stance - The way a player stands when preparing to play.

starter - The person running the order of play from the first tee.

stiff - When the shaft flexes little.

stroke - Any time the club moves with the intention of hitting the ball.

sudden death - A form of play off where the first player to win a hole wins the match.

swale - A depression or low place on the course.

sweet spot - The best place on the clubface to hit the ball.

swing weight - The weight and balance of a golf club.

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