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Q, R

qualifying school - An event where amateurs attempt to qualify for professional tours.

quiver - A slender bag meant to hold only a few clubs.

reading the green - Determining the path on the green that the ball must take to reach the hole.

receptive - Said of a green that allows the ball's backspin to have a noticable effect.

recovery - To place a shot in a good position from a bad position.

regular - A club shaft with normal flex.

release - The point in the downswing when the wrists uncock.

relief - When the player is allowed to move the ball by hand according to the rules.

reverse slope - A green that slopes away from the direction of the shot.

rifle a shot - To hit the ball straight and far.

rough - The grass that is not cut short.

rub of the greeen - When an outside feature interferes with the path of the ball.

run - The travel of the ball after hitting the ground.

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