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par - The number of strokes a given hole should take for a good golfer.

penal - Difficult.

penalty stroke - A stroke or strokes added to a player's score for breaking rules.

PGA - Professional Golfers Association.

pin - The flag stick marking the hole.

pin placement - The location of the hole on the green.

pitch shot - A short high shot to the putting green.

playoff - When players tie and extra holes are played to break the tie.

playing through - When a party allows another party to pass.

plugged lie - When the ball partially buries itself in the ground.

plumb bob - To line up a putt with the putter suspended in front of the face and one eye closed.

pot bunker - A steep-sided bunker.

preferred lies - Allowing the ball to be moved due to wet areas.

pro-am - A competition where amateurs and professionals team up.

provisional ball - A temporary ball in place for a suspected lost ball.

pull - A shot hit straight and to the left of the target.

punch - A low shot.

push - A shot hit straight and to the right of the target.

putt - When the ball is rolled on the ground with a straight-faced club.

putter - The club made for putting.

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