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obstruction - Anything on the course that is artificial.

off center - Not striking the ball solidly.

offset - When the clubhead is set behind the shaft.

on the bag - To be the caddie.

150-yard rule - The rule that says if your ball lands on the fairway of another hole, you must place the ball back on your fairway no closer than the 150-yard marker.

one piece ball - A golf ball made of only one material.

one-putt - To put the ball in the cup with only one putt on the green.

open face - When the club face points to the right of the target.

open stance - A position at address where the golfer is facing slightly toward the target.

out of bounds - Area from which play is prohibited.

outside - The side of a line from the ball to the target that is opposite the golfer.

overclub - The use of a club that hits the ball too far.

oversize - The larger size of contemporary clubheads as opposed to a generation ago.

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