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make - To get the ball in the cup.

makeable - A shot with a good chance of being made.

mallet - A type of putter whose head is very thick from front to back as opposed to a traditional putter which is rather thin from front to back.

mark - To identify the place where a ball has been picked up.

marker - The golfer who keeps score for another.

matchplay - A competition based on the number of holes won.

medal play - A competition based on the number of strokes played.

metal wood - A wood made of metal.

mid irons - The 5 and 6 irons and sometimes the 7.

mid-length putter - A putter width a shaft length that falls between a conventional putter and a long putter. Same as belly putter.

mid-line - The center line of the fairway running from the tee to green.

misclub - To use a club inappropriate for the distance.

miss the cut - A player that is eliminated because of high score.

mixed foursome - A team of two women and two men.

mulligan - To play a shot again.

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