Golf Glossary K, L

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K, L

kick - A bounce.

knock down - When the ball lands short of the target due to the wind.

knock off - An inexpensive club made to look like a name-brand.

lag - The time the club spends at the top of the swing.

lag putt - A very long putt.

laid off - When the club points to the left of the target at the top of the backswing.

lay up - A shot played short to avoid trouble.

leaderboard - A board on which the best scores are recorded.

lie - 1) The position at which the ball rests after being hit. 2) The angle between the shaft and the clubhead.

lie angle - The angle between the shaft and the ground at impact.

links - A course at the ocean.

lip out - When the ball hits the edge of the cup but does not go in.

local rules - Rules that apply to a particular course due to unusual features.

loft - The angle of the clubface that gives height to the ball.

long game - Shots that need to travel a great distance.

low handicapper - A well-skilled golfer.

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