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H, I, J

hacker - A poor golfer.

half - When opponents make the same score.

handicap - The number of strokes issued to a player to reduce her or his score to par.

hanging lie - A ball positioned on a slope that is downward away from the player.

hardpan - Turf that is very firm.

hazard - Any obstacle on a golf course.

head - The clubhead.

hitch - Any sudden deviation in the swing of a club.

high-handicapper - A player of marginal skill.

hold the green - To make the ball stick to the green by using backspin.

hole-in-one - Landing the ball into the hole with one stroke.

hole out - To finish play on a given hole.

honor - The right to hit first from the tee.

hook - A shot that curves sharply from right to left.

hosel - The part of the clubhead the shaft fits into.

hybrid - When a clubhead is made of more than one material.

icosohedron - Literally, a 20-sided solid. Refers to the pattern of dimples on a golf ball.

in play - Withing the boundaries of the course.

insert - A piece of material set into the face of the clubhead.

inside - To the player's side of a line between the ball and the target.

inside out swing - A swing that deviates from the target line by crossing over the target line at the ball, starting near the golfer and ending away from the golfer.

jail - When the ball lands in the rough.

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