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gallery - The spectators at a tournament.

gimme - When a player has only a short putt left to play, other players may grant a gimme, i.e. one stroke is counted, but the ball is not actually played (under the tacit assumption that the putt would not have been missed).

goldie bounce - When the ball strikes a tree deep in the rough and bounces out onto the fairway.

good leave - When a long putt ends close to the hole.

gooseneck - The "S" bend in the shaft of some putters.

grain - The direction the blades of grass are pointing on the green.

grand slam - When a golfer wins at least one of each of the following: the U. S. Open, the PGA Championship, the Masters, and the British Open.

green - The part of the course with the shortest grass, surrounding the hole.

green fee - The price to play a round of golf.

greens in regulation - The number of greens reached in the regulation number of shots.

greenside - Closest to the green.

grip - 1) The top of the club shaft where the club is held. 2) The way which the club is held.

gross score - The score before the handicap is figured.

ground under repair - The part of the course that is being repaired.

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