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face - The part of the clubhead that strikes the ball.

face insert - A piece of material set into the face of the clubhead.

fade - A shot hit so that it intentionally travels slightly left to right.

fairway - The part of the course between the tee and the green.

fairway flag - A flag placed on the fairway as a target when the green is not visible from the tee.

fairway woods - 2, 3, 4, 5 and also higher numbered woods.

fall line - The path the ball would take if left to gravity.

fast green - When a putting green is dry and/or hard allowing the ball to travel far with little effort.

fat shot - Striking the ground before striking the ball.

ferrule - A ring of metal or plastic that covers the joint of the shaft into the hosel.

field - All players in a given competition.

finishing hole - The last hole on a course.

first cut - The strip of rough at the edge of the fairway.

fitting - When many different aspects of a club are custom made to a specific golfer.

flagstick - The removable flagpole in the hole.

flat stick - The putter.

flat swing - A low club path around the golfer.

flex - The amount of bend in the club shaft.

flier - A shot that travels way too far.

floater - When the ball lands in the rough suspended above the ground.

follow-through - The part of the swing after impact.

fore - An announcement made by a player whose shot could hit someone.

forged irons - Clubs made without a mold.

fourball - When four golfers play together, two to a side, each with their own ball.

foursome - Four golfers playing together.

free drop - A drop where there is no penalty.

free lift - Same as free drop, above.

fringe - The area of longer grass around the green.

front nine - The first nine holes on an eighteen hole course.

funnel - The effect of gravity on a rolling ball.

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