Golf Glossary D

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dampen - The ability of a club shaft to absorb vibrations.

dance - When the ball lands on the green an bounces in an unexpected direction due to spin.

die in the hole - When the ball has just enough momentum to make it into the hole.

divot - A chunk of turf sliced out of the ground by a player's stroke.

dogleg - A bend in the fairway.

dormie - When a player leads by as many holes that are left to play.

double bogie - Two over par on a given hole.

double eagle - Having made three fewer strokes than par on a given hole.

downhill lie - When the leading foot is lower that the rear foot.

downswing - The part of the swing from the top of the backswing through to impact.

draw - A slight left to right shot.

drill it - A hard, straight, long, low shot.

drive - To hit the ball from the tee.

drive the green - When the drive stops on the putting surface.

driver - The number 1 wood - it has the least loft on the clubhead.

driving iron - A special, low-loft iron.

driving range - An area made for practicing driving.

drop - Dropping the ball from shoulder height when the ball is lost or has an unplayable lie.

drop zone - An area set aside where you continue hitting after having shot a ball into a water hazard.

duck hook - A shot that curves drastically from right to left.

duffer - A poor golfer. Same as hacker.

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