Golf Glossary C

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camber - The curvature of the sole of the clubhead.

carpet golf - Miniature golf.

carry - The distance from where the ball is hit to where it first lands.

cavity back - A newer design of irons where the back of the clubhead is hollowed out.

center cut - When the ball goes into the hole in the center.

center-shafted - A putter in which the shaft is joined to the center of the head.

checkup - The retarding motion of a ball when it lands on the green due to backspin.

chip - A short shot played from the edge of the green.

chip in - A chip shot that makes it into the hole.

chipper - A club short-shafted club used for making chip shots.

choke up - To hold the club lower on the grip.

chunk - When the club hits the ground before hitting the ball.

cleats - The spikes on the sole of the shoe.

clone - A copy of a name-brand club.

closed face - When the blade of the club points to the left of the target.

closed stance - When a player faces slightly away from the target at address.

club fitting - A club assembled for a specific golfer.

compression - The amount of resiliance of a golf ball.

contour - The shape of the land.

course rating - A comparison of courses in regards to difficulty.

cut shot - A shot that bears to the right.

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