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back nine - The last nine holes of an eighteen hole course.

back spin - A reverse spin on the ball which causes it to stop quickly on the green.

backswing - The initial movement of the club away from the ball until it reverses direction and moves into the downswing.

balata - A type of rubber used to cover golf balls of long ago.

ball marker - A small object used to mark the position of the ball on the green after the ball is picked up.

ball washer - A device on the course for washing the golf ball.

beach - Slang for sand trap.

belly putter - A mid-length putter that gets its name from the body part of the golfer at which its height matches.

berm - An oblong landform on the course.

best ball - The best score on a hole by two or more players in a best ball match.

birdie - A score of one under par on a given hole.

blade - A type of putter or slang for an iron.

blind approach - A hole where the green is not in view from the fairway.

blind shot - A shot where the player cannot see the target.

block - 1) The name given to the movement to prevent the clubface from turning naturally through impact. 2) A shot that flies straight but to the right of the target.

bogey - A score of one over par on a given hole.

borrow - The allowance for the break or curve of a shot.

brassie - A 2 wood (obsolete).

break - The amount a ball departs from a straight line when putting on a slope.

bulge - The curve of the face of a wood that helps shots hit toward the heel or toe curve back in the direction of the center.

bump and run - A shot that is intended to get the ball rolling along the fairway and up onto the green. Similar to a chip shot, but played from a greater distance.

bunker - A depression in the ground usually filled with sand.

buried lie - When part of the ball is below the surface of the sand in a bunker.

bye - A free pass to the next round without having to compete (in match-play tournaments).

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