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ace - A hole in one.

ACR - Australian Course Rating - Similar to a USGA, RCGA or R&A course rating used only in Australia It is a figure used in handicap calculations.

action - The spin of a ball when it strikes the putting green.

address - The position assumed by the player in preparing to make her or his swing.

advance - To move the ball closer to the putting green.

AGU - Australian Golf Union - the organization governing golf in Australia, responsible for administering their handicap system.

albatross - A hole played three strokes under par.

amateur - A player who has not competed for prize money - as opposed to professional.

approach - A medium or short distance shot toward the putting green.

apron - The grass around the putting green that is longer than the green but shorter than the fairway.

attack wedge - A high-lofted club that is between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge used for accurate plays to the green.

attend the flag - To hold and remove the flag while another player putts.

away - The ball furthest from the putting green.

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