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In Need of Golf Club Repair?

As any avid golfer will testify, your favourite wood or iron is bound to break or become damaged over time and with use. So, what do you do, when you need to get a golf club repair? Hereís a brief guide that will explain what you need to do.

Before you drag your club to your local pro shop, you first need to decide about your budget. Being realistic about what you can afford to pay before you walk into the repair shop can save you from being surprised when you get the bill for services rendered. While most repair can be done cheaply, some cannot, so it is important to get an estimate before you choose a repair shop.

golf club shaft

Once youíve decided on your budget, you then need to decide where to get the repair done. Donít be afraid to ask around the golfing community for recommendations. Likewise, try to choose a shop which has a good reputation and donít be afraid to ask for references.

golf club shaft

A good pro shop can offer a wide range of repair services. For example, a repairer can offer re-gripping, re-shafting, and re-whipping. Perhaps you just need to replace your shafts or simply want to new grips - many repair shops offer a full variety of services.

golf club shaft

Likewise, you can search for a golf repair shop online. You can contact the service representatives via email, describing your problem and they will be happy to get back to you with a quote and an estimated turnaround time. While prices vary for each of these services, they are generally fairly affordable. For example, refinishing your club heads will cost you about $30.00, while restoring and resealing the face of a head generally runs around $8.00.

Reshafting your irons is a bit more expensive, however; a regular steel shaft is about $16.00, while a Harrison Professional shaft will be about $32.00. Reshafting your woods is considerably more expensive, however. For example, a simple regular steel shaft runs approximately $18.00, while a Grafalloy ProLite 3.5 can go as high as $62.00. Depending upon how many clubs you want done, getting your clubs reshafted can get rather expensive.

Making the decision to repair your golf clubs is an important one. Youíve invested a lot of money into your set of clubs and, more likely than not, have grown rather attached to playing with them on the course.

Many shops offer their services online, which makes it more convenient to repair or refinish your clubs, and may even offer you additional savings. If you do decide to use an online refinishing service, it is important to remember that the shipping costs can be rather expensive, but many online services take this into consideration when setting their fees.

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