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Who are the different golf club manufacturers?

If you are thinking about purchasing a new set of golf clubs, then you may want to investigate into the different golf club manufacturers. Just as each brand of car or television is designed differently, according to the manufacturerís specifications, golf clubs are also engineered differently. Here is a short guide to the major golf club manufacturers.

One of the most popular brands of golf clubs is made by Titleist, a leader in golf manufacturing. Founded with both the pro and amateur golfers in mind, Titleist aims to provide high quality clubs and equipment at reasonable prices. While they offer a wide variety of clubs, including irons, woods, and putters, Titleist is probably best known for its golf balls. Their products are known for their improved flight and with a lower spin, when hit off of the club.

manufacturers logos Another well-known golf club manufacturer is Ping. Like Titleist, Ping offers a large array of golf clubs and products, ranging from their famed putters to golf accessories. For example, Ping now offers a wide variety of clothing in addition to their line of high end clubs, which includes their famous putter, such as a line of lifestyle apparel and clothing for the corporate environment. Taking pride in its commitment to luxury and technology, Ping clothing is a well-respected clothing retailer. Ping also designs a range of clothing specifically designed for golfing, of course, featuring performance enhanced apparel created to enhance your playing experience.

Golf legends Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus have lent their names to both golf clubs and general golf merchandise, as well. Ben Hogan has sponsored a line of clubs, including irons, fairways, hybrids and irons. Whether you are looking to customise your clubs with titanium shafts, or simply replace the grips, both Hoganís and Nicklausís brands offer high quality at affordable prices.

Arguably the best known manufacturer of golf clubs in the field today is Wilson Sports. One of the oldest suppliers of clubs and golf equipment, Wilson was founded in 1914. Many famous golfers have served on its advisory committee, including Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen. Wilson Sports manufactures a variety of performance irons, wedges, fairways, in addition to a line of golf accessories. They are a recognised leader in the field of golf merchandising and engineer clubs for both the amateur golfer and the professional.

Well-known golf manufacturers are not limited to the creation of golf clubs and sports apparel, however. For example, Sterling and Classics is a British manufacturer of quality pewter and china giftware, which draws inspiration from the sport of golf, while Aristocrat Golf Gifts of Scotland offer personalised golf clubs. However, they are probably best known for their custom tartan putters. All you have to do is provide them with your familyís tartar pattern and they will create a putter designed just for you.

The field of golf merchandising and golf club design is a lucrative one. Regardless of your skill level as a golfer, you will be sure to find just what you are looking, whether it is a new set of custom clubs, or that perfect golf-inspired print for your study.

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