Charles Barkley's Golf Swing

Charles Barkley's golf swing had become legendary. Barkley, who retired from the NBA in 2000 at the age of 37, has a notoriously bad golf swing. Read what some have had to say about Charles Barkley's golf swing:

But first, a photo of a monster divot produced by Barkley: See it here. says when describing Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course: "What beauty is not: Charles Barkley's golf swing. What beauty is: the place where Barkley and many other athletes display their sometimes frightful contortions every summer." Golf Online's David Feherty had this to say in response to a golfer wanting advice on his swing. "I have just the swing for you. Write to ABC and get a tape of Charles Barkley's swing. He played in that celebrity Pro-Am deal in Lake Tahoe in August. It's PERFECT for you! I don't know much about you physically, but it would help you tremendously if you have an ass like a $40 horse and the eye-hand coordination of a drunk in a straight jacket."

PCMechanic - Microsoft associate Ken Cireco writes about his previous jobs. "...laboring for various software companies which, though well intentioned, produced products that not only did nothing to break Microsoft's chokehold on the industry, but in the end looked about as disjointed as Charles Barkley's golf swing."

On, in article on Barkley, Joe Kleine is asked what kind of golfer Barkley is. "Kleine: We loved playing golf with Charles. The only thing easier than playing golf with Charles is going to the ATM. He’s awful."

An article at says: "If you have a chance to watch the celebrity golf tournaments, take a look at Charles Barkley's golf swing. One of the best on the basketball court, but oh my goodness, "That guy needs lessons," you say, and you're right. And there are lots of Sir Charles's on the golf course these days. Each with their own way of interpreting the golf swing."

In an article on Kentucky Post Online about University of Kentucky golfer Mark Blakefield: "...Blakefield's final round at the Southeastern Conference men's golf championships started out looking worse than Charles Barkley's golf swing." - In an article about Tiger Woods: "Barkley makes Woods laugh. And shake his head about Barkley's hopeless-hacker, Jack Lemmon-esque, start-and-stop-and-start-again golf swing. 'He looks fine for a couple of swings on the range,' Woods said. 'Then on the first tee, all of a sudden he throws a couple of balks at you. You don't know what to say.'"

From an article on that is an interview with Tiger Woods' former coach, Butch Harmon by Denver Post staff writer Adam Schefter: "AS: Is there anybody's swing that you couldn't correct? BH: Charles Barkley's. I don't even want to think about trying to correct that swing. AS: That bad? BH: It ain't good. I've known Charles for a long time, but fortunately he's never asked me for help, because I'd have to tell him no. That would be beyond anything I could do." - Writer Pete McDaniel asks Matt Kuchar: "How bad were the corporate golfers you played with?" Matt responds: "Some were pretty good. I did play with two guys I thought were just terrible -- then I played with Charles Barkley, and I realized those two were pretty good."

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