A Short Guide to Collecting Antique Golf Clubs

Starting a new hobby is always exciting. Whether it’s collecting baseball cards, vintage cars or antique golf clubs, collecting is one of the most popular hobbies around today. Here is a short guide with some tips on collecting antique golf clubs.

Before you begin, you should first consider what type of clubs you want to collect. Are you interested in antique woods, irons, putting irons, and so forth? Likewise, you need to decide how much money - and time - you are willing to invest into your new hobby.

antique golf clubs

Now that you’ve got an idea of what it is that you want to collect, and how much that you can afford to spend on your antique clubs, you should start looking around to find a club or other like minded individuals who would be able to help show you the ropes. For example, the Golf Collectors Society was founded to help preserve the treasures of the sport of golf. It is committed to helping new and experienced golf enthusiasts alike foster and develop their knowledge of antique golf clubs.

The Golf Collectors Society also sponsors an annual collectors’ fair, in which dealers showcase their items and the Society offers workshops which are open to the public. These workshops will help new collectors learn how to determine the value of a club of interest, as well as teach novices how to accurately date golf memorabilia.

Another great online resource is OldCourse.com. This site offers a plethora of information for novice collectors, as well as valuable resources to help you learn about your new hobby. There are also various industry magazines and publications dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique golf clubs. Likewise, the Internet is a great resource for helping you build your collection. For example, there are numerous online web forums, which allows like-minded collectors to network with each other, while listservs, too, help connect golf enthusiasts with one another.

As golf collecting is growing in its popularity, there are many books and print resources to help you get started. There are also DVDs available, which will help you develop your skills as a collector. For example, Gary Wiren’s The Fascinating World of Golf Collectibles is a great resource for beginners.

Finally, attending conferences and symposiums dedicated to the art of collecting antique golf clubs is a valuable way to learn more about collecting. There are many exhibitions and annual meetings to chose from, so regardless of where you may live, you’re certain to find something near you.

Likewise, it’s also a good idea to increase your knowledge of the game, so you may want to start attending various matches and invitationals. Doing so will not only increase your network of golf enthusiasts whom you can discuss your latest finds, but will also encourage you to work on your own game.

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