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Adjust a Putter

The term "adjust a putter" can refer to several different products. Here we have summarized the features and benefits of four different items.

Adjust - A - Putter

Adjust - A - Putter is made to be customizable to each and every golfer. Adjustments can be made for weight and shaft angle. Head weight can be changed from 380 grams to 500 grams and more. Shaft angle can be adjusted from 80 degrees to 60 degrees in 5 degree increments.

It also can be converted from right handed use to left handed use easily. It has a recessed rubber insert on the face, giving the golfer a sweet spot which is designed to minimize "ball slide" which in turn allows the ball to roll much sooner after impact. The head of the Adjust - A - Putter conforms to regulation and the angle and weight adjustments are made with the included allen key.

The Precision Putter

The Precision Putter has three interchangable backs that will adjust for greens conditions without needing to own a collection of different putters. The Precision Putter's aim is to allow you to focus on keeping your stroke consistent. The three backs are as follows: The Precision Putter has an offset titanium-magnesium shaft that provides two benefits. It enhances feedback for a better feel of the ball and also reduces unwanted vibration through the shaft, which steals the energy intended to propel the ball. This allows you to feel how the ball is reacting to your stroke and you'll be able to adjust the distance it will travel with greater accuracy.

Many clubheads are cast but the nature of a casting makes it difficult to control the balance of the head. Precision Putter heads are computer machined from solid brass. In addition to face balancing, they are also balanced in the relationship between the shaft and the head.

Looking down the shaft you can see that it is in alignment with the center of the clubface, from the front and also from the side. The face is machine textured and is engineered with a 3 Loft. This face angle prevents skidding and starts the ball rolling soon after impact.

Pegg Putter PP-III

Adjustment as it applies to the Pegg Putter PP-III is interesting. The putter is free-standing, which means you can leave it standing upright and get behind the ball and align the putter, ball, and target line.

It has two parallel rails connected to the head at the heel and toe, at right angles to the face. These two rails, along with three sighting lines, allow you to accurately align your shot. With a sealed solid-brass head, this putter conforms to USGA rules. This item may be discontinued.

The Adjustable Putter

The Adjustable Putter is available as a complete putter, or as just an insert that fits into your existing 5/8 diameter shaft butt. The complete putter comes with a straight shaft, your choice of one of three heads, and Winn grips.

The adjustable putter insert is a sliding shaft that has an index which allows the golfer to return to the exact same length each time out. This permits the player to play at any and all different lengths - from belly to long - without the expense of purchasing one or more different length putters.

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